"A Serenade of Strings"

They say all it takes is a moment, an instant where time and space intersect in just the right way and at just the right angle, where a person might see the threads that bind a universe together.

This is a story of a man caught in that instant.

Published at Abyss & Apex, Issue 57: First Quarter 2016

Available online here


"Of Blood and Brass"

Enter a geisha's world in an alternate Japan. One of several steampunk stories found in the anthology.

Published in the anthology Gears and Levers 1: A Steampunk Anthology
Sky Warrior Books, 2012

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"Kiss of the Jade Fox"

To save her brother, Mei must face the most dangerous spirit in the land, the Jade Fox. Will the confrontation mean the release of her brother? Or her very soul?

Published in the anthology Absolute Visions: Anthology of Speculative Fiction
AbsoluteWrite, 2012

Available at Createspace and Amazon.


Song of the Swallow
Part of the Archaeology Series

Like most young women in late 13th century China, Feiyan dreams of living a respectable life, finding a good husband, and honoring her family. Those dreams end when she is swept from her home to become one of Emperor Duzong's many concubines. As she struggles to adjust to her new environment, she is befriended by the enigmatic Hu Yuxiu who helps Feiyan navigate through the dismal existence within the palace walls. Feiyan's life becomes nothing but long days of waiting and long nights of limbo.

Until Yuxiu shows her a booklet that changes her life forever.

Yuxiu teaches Feiyan "nushu," a secret script that introduces Feiyan into a strange new world of intrigue, deception, and hidden agendas. Distrust grows both inside and outside the court while Khubilai Khan marches toward the Imperial Palace in Hangzhou. As rumors of  treason fill the court, Feiyan and Yuxiu discover themselves at its center.

Now, on the eve of the collapse of the Song Dynasty, Feiyan finds herself at a crossroads and must choose: follow her heart or serve her emperor.

And in the end, perhaps find herself along the way.

Available at Hadley Rille Books Amazon, and Barnes and Noble
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Emlee, a mental shifter who rides the currents of time, jumps from one convergence point to the next searching for her lost mother. Now, as she arrives on Avaris for the last time, she must race to find the next hot spot for her quest to end.

Only, someone has followed her. And he'll do anything to stop her.

Published in the anthology Ruins Metropolis 
Hadley Rille Books, 2008

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"Her Starlight Ending"

Scifaiku poem found in The Shantytown Anamoly #6

(Sold out - no longer in print)