About Me

K.L. Townsend began writing at an early age. After deciding her stories about pink fluffy clouds and sparkling rainbows that house unicorns were a load of crap, she determined to get better at her craft. She has continued writing through completion of graduate degrees in anthropology and women's studies, as well as graduate work in history and education.

Currently, K.L. Townsend is a writer of speculative fiction, mainly contemporary and urban fantasy, as well as some historical and romance. She has poetry and short stories published online and in chapbook-style. This winter she has a short historical novel, by invitation with Hadley Rille Books, due to be released online and in select bookstores. Song of the Swallow is part of HRB's Archaeology Series.

She lives in the heart of New England where she geeks out over world mythology, ancient history, and the unexplained. She hopes to one day solve one of the world's greatest mysteries: which makes a better time machine, DeLorean or phone booth?

Until then, she is happy to report her current projects are free of pink clouds and rainbows, though she can't guarantee the unicorn part.