Monday, July 11, 2011

Topics Ahoy!

I've decided it's about time I make better use of my blog. To that end, you'll be finding the following appearing on my blog starting as early as today:

Mondays - Writing

On Mondays, I'll discuss a writing topic. It could be about the writing process, genre, style, voice, characters, plot, etc., etc.

Wednesdays - Myth/Research

I've been struggling over just what to talk about on my blog. There are many things I love, but I didn't want to be completely random. At the same time, it's important to me to keep my topics somewhat related to writing. I am disorganized as it is!

So why not a topic near and dear to my heart? I love mythology, folklore, and culture. This is the day I'll pick a creature, a culture, history, a myth and discuss it. Feel fee to use it as a springboard to help you with your research.

Fridays - Miscellaneous/Grab Bag

We all need time to talk about whatever. There may be times when I just want to talk about a favorite recipe, how the exercise routine is going, the pups, or my fave TV show. (Supernatural, why are you not back yet?!)

Of course, other topics might show up from time to time, and I will cross-post anything to do with my upcoming published words both here and on my LiveJournal. However, my LiveJournal will be primarily focused on the writing process as a whole. If you're interested in word counts, structure, edits, and the like feel free to friend me there.

I'll be cycling these topics weekly, with a different one each week, or biweekly, depending. Barring any crisis, you will find one blog post a week.

Once I get going, I'll be open to suggestions.

Happy writing!

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